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Catholic Identity and Liturgical Celebrations


As a Catholic school, All Hallows Academy is committed to providing opportunities for students and families to deepen their personal relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church through the sacraments, weekly school masses, prayer services, and liturgical celebrations.   We aim to nurture a vibrant faith community where every member is empowered to live out their baptismal call.

In addition to weekly school masses, where all family and friends are invited, All Hallows Academy comes together as a faith-filled community to honor special feast days and events in the Catholic faith.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass and Celebration

All Hallows Academy hosts a special mass and celebration for Our Lady of Guadalupe. This cherished event is a highlight of our school year, bringing together our community to celebrate faith, culture, and tradition. During the solemn Mass, our 5th-grade students present a heartfelt reenactment of the miraculous encounter between Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe. This inspiring performance brings to life the story of Juan Diego, a humble indigenous man, and his vision of the Virgin Mary, which holds a deep significance in Mexican culture and the Catholic faith. Following the Mass, families, students, and community members come together in celebration, dancing to lively mariachi music.

This event is a wonderful opportunity for our students to engage with their faith and heritage and for our community to celebrate together.


All Saints Day Mass

Our annual All Saints Day Mass is a significant event in our school calendar as we celebrate our Feast Day. This special occasion honors the communion of saints and is a cherished tradition at our academy.  We come together as a school community in prayer, reflection, and thanksgiving, honoring all the saints who have gone before us and who inspire us to live out our faith daily.  As part of the Mass and celebration, each class presents their class saint. These presentations will highlight the life and virtues of each saint, showcasing the students' understanding and appreciation of these holy men and women. Together, we honor the saints and be inspired by their examples of faith, hope, and love.

Veteran's Day Parade and Prayer Service at Mount Soledad Memorial

Each year, All Hallows Academy gathers together to honor the brave men and women who have served our country in the armed forces. Our annual Veteran's Day Parade and Prayer Service at Mount Soledad Memorial is a heartfelt tribute to our veterans and an important tradition for our school community.

Students, faculty, family, and local veterans carry flags as we walk together up the hill to the iconic Mount Soledad Memorial, where we will honor the sacrifices and service of our veterans. Upon reaching Mount Soledad Memorial, we join together in a solemn prayer service to remember and honor our veterans. It is a time for our community to come together in gratitude, reflection, and reverence for those who have served.

May Crowning Ceremony 

At All Hallows Academy, the month of May holds special significance as we honor Mary, the Mother of Jesus, with our traditional May Crowning Ceremony.  At the beginning of the Mass, second-grade students joyfully carry flowers to lay before Mary. The procession leads to the statue of Mary, where the chosen 8th-grade and Kindergarten students place a crown of flowers on her head, symbolizing our love and reverence for her. These students are selected for their exemplary demonstration of our ten virtues, including faith, humility, compassion, and respect. 

The May Crowning Ceremony is a cherished tradition at All Hallows Academy. It provides an opportunity for our students to deepen their understanding of Mary's virtues and to express their devotion in a meaningful way.