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Advanced Learning Program

Advanced/ Leveled Math Program

Grades 5-8

The Advanced Math program for grades 5 - 8 supports the high achievement of all students.  Leveled math classes enable teachers to deliver instruction based on student ability and, therefore, meet the needs of all students.  

The advanced math program is about more than just challenging and engaging students with strong mathematical abilities. It's about igniting a passion for mathematics and furthering their understanding of complex mathematical concepts.  We aim to accelerate learning, deepen comprehension, and, most importantly, foster a love for mathematics through a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum.  

Placement in the program is based on math grades, placement tests, standardized test scores, and teacher recommendations. Students in grades 6 - 8 can test for placement each year.  

The advanced math program for grades 5-8 aims to cultivate a deep understanding and appreciation of mathematics among students, preparing them for higher-level math courses and STEM careers. With its comprehensive and rigorous curriculum, supportive learning environment, and numerous enrichment opportunities, the program ensures that students not only excel in mathematics but also develop essential skills for future success.