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Mission Statement

Scholars at All Hallows Academy are spiritually, academically, physically, and morally empowered, growing into faith-filled, innovative Catholic leaders of tomorrow.

Vision Statement

Serving as a vital component of the All Hallows Parish Community, All Hallows Academy recognizes each individual's unique God-given talents and learning styles.  Building a collaborative faith-centered partnership with parents, we strive to provide a caring Christian formation. All Hallows Academy develops individual academic expectations to ensure the success of ALL scholars.

Guided by our ten school virtues, we are committed to knowing and nurturing each individual child and family. Through Catholic social justice teaching, creative and expressive arts, challenging academics, leadership training, technology integration, and community outreach, we nurture the growth and development of the whole person.

All Hallows Academy will be a school where scholars receive an exceptional (rigorous) education and grow into well-rounded disciples who carry the light of Christ into the world.