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Student Leadership Opportunities

Student Council

The Middle School Student Council is an integral part of our faith-filled school community, serving as the voice of our students and the driving force behind positive change. Comprised of dedicated and passionate student leaders in grades 5-8, the council embodies our ten virtues: compassion, leadership, Christian witness, courage, responsibility, self-discipline, cooperation, honesty, tolerance, and respect.

As representatives elected by their peers, members of the Middle School Student Council play a vital role in organizing events. These events are not just about fun but also foster a strong sense of unity and pride within our school, making everyone feel a part of a strong community.

Above all, the Middle School Student Council is dedicated to enhancing the school programs to help students grow in their faith, friendships, and understanding of our school’s mission. 

Elections: Elections are held in the spring of each school year to elect students for the upcoming school year.  Elections for class representatives for grades 5-8 are held in the fall.  During both elections, students run a campaign for a week, hanging posters and flyers around campus.  At the end of the week, candidates give a speech to the student body in a special assembly. 

2024 2025 Student Council posed in church


Student Ambassadors Program


The Student Ambassadors Program is designed to engage passionate and dedicated students who represent AHA in various ways.  They lead campus tours and provide insights to prospective students and their families. Additionally, they support enrollment events such as orientations, open houses, and special functions.


Our Student Ambassadors develop leadership, communication, and public speaking skills and receive recognition for their contributions to the All Hallows Academy.  The Student Ambassadors Program is an excellent opportunity for students to contribute to the faith-filled, dynamic community of All Hallows Academy.