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Specialty Classes

Commitment to a Well-Rounded Education

At All Hallows Academy, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive and well-rounded education that nurtures our students' intellectual, physical, artistic, and technological growth. To achieve this, we offer a diverse array of subjects, including Physical Education (PE), Music, Art, Library, and Technology, as part of our curriculum.

Physical Education (PE)

Our program promotes physical well-being through regular exercise and teaches students the importance of a healthy lifestyle. We offer a variety of sports and activities to develop teamwork, sportsmanship, and personal fitness. Additionally, our program focuses on improving motor skills, coordination, and overall physical competence.


Teaching students to read music, understand musical concepts, and develop their listening skills is an integral part of our music program. We also provide opportunities for students to build confidence and stage presence in our school choir and musical performances.


Our art program is committed to providing opportunities for students to express themselves through various art forms, including drawing, painting, and sculpture. Students create beautiful works of art as we teach fundamental art techniques and encourage experimentation with different media and styles. These student works of art are then displayed in our Spring Fine Arts program. We also introduce students to significant artists, art movements, and the role of art in different cultures and historical contexts.


Equipping students with essential technology skills, including computer use, internet safety, and digital communication is at the center of our technology program. Our technology teachers introduce basic coding concepts and encourage problem-solving and logical thinking through programming activities.
Students explore the world through our comprehensive library, reading both fiction and non-fiction books.

Our commitment to a well-rounded education aligns with our mission to foster the intellectual, spiritual, and moral development of our students, preparing them for a successful and meaningful future.