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School Mass

School Mass

As a school community, we gather together weekly to celebrate Mass.  These weekly school Masses led by different grade levels provide an excellent opportunity for students to actively participate in their faith community and develop a deeper understanding of the liturgy. Students serve as lectors, altar servers, choir members,  gift bearers, and greeters.

By rotating the responsibility of leading the Mass among different grade levels, students gain a comprehensive understanding of the Catholic faith and liturgical practices while fostering a strong, united school community rooted in shared religious experiences.

Parents and the wider parish community are invited to attend the school Mass, fostering a connection between the school and the parish.  Parents are also asked to participate in some roles, such as joining the choir or helping with preparations.

students kneeling with prayer hands in church

Monthly Sunday School Mass

Parish-school connectedness is a priority for the pastor and principal of All Hallows Academy.  Therefore, once a month, the school leads the parish community on Sunday at 10 a.m. Mass.  Both students and parents actively participate in the mass as lectors, altar servers, greeters, ushers, and choir members. 


student serving as a lector