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Our Campus Facilities

Our Campus Facilities

Welcome to our vibrant Catholic elementary school campus! We are proud to offer a variety of state-of-the-art facilities that support our students' spiritual, academic, athletic, and creative pursuits.

Outdoor Spaces

Soccer and Football Field: Our expansive field is perfect for soccer and football games, practices, and physical education classes, complete with goals, field markings, and bleachers for spectators.

Playground: Our playground includes swings, slides, climbing structures, imaginative play areas, and musical exploration protected by shade structures.

Wall Ball Area: This designated space allows students to enjoy the popular game of wall ball, with a smooth wall surface and safe surroundings for play.

Sport Court: Our versatile sports court accommodates various activities, including basketball, tennis, and volleyball, with durable, all-weather markings and surfaces.

Gaga Ball Pit The Gaga ball pit is a popular addition to our playground, providing a fun and active game that encourages agility and coordination in a safe, enclosed environment.

Foursquare Courts: We have designated areas for playing foursquare, a classic playground game that promotes physical activity and social interaction among students.

Our facilities are designed to foster a well-rounded education, promoting physical activity, creativity, technological skills, and academic excellence. Come visit us and see how we create a dynamic and supportive environment for our students!