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Outreach Program

Outreach Program

All Hallows Academy is actively involved in the community, participating in numerous outreach projects.  We are committed to serving the needs of our community and providing opportunities for our students, teachers, and families to share their gifts of time, talent, and treasure.  Various opportunities are provided throughout the school year to instill in our students the importance of being a model of Christ and a humble servant.


Birthline San Diego and San Diego Bayside Community 

All Hallows Academy supports Birthline San Diego, a nonprofit organization that supports pregnant women, young families, military families, and single fathers. Students are encouraged to bring in various items to help these people in need.  

During November and December, All Hallows Academy supports San Diego Bayside Community Center, an independent 90-year-old, non-profit, neighborhood-based organization that serves the whole person and community.

The PTG and Student Council collaborate to educate students about showing charity to these valuable organizations.  They are also actively involved in the collection and distribution of the donated items. 

Missionary Childhood Association (MCA)

We come together to support the Missionary Childhood Association during our celebration of Catholic Schools Week.  MCA brings us together as “one family in mission.”  In addition to collecting money for these needy children, our students learn we are all connected as one universal community and are called to help each other.

Rady’s Children’s Hospital, Celebration of Champions

All Hallows Academy is proud to support the Celebration of Champions, an event that started over 29 years ago. This All Hallows Academy outreach project raises money for critical support programs that help parents, patients, and siblings cope with cancer. 100% of the project’s net proceeds are donated directly to fund Rady’s Children’s cancer-related programs or to produce the Celebration Day. AHA has come together as a school community for over ten years to raise funds for this beautiful event. 

At All Hallows Academy, we believe in the power of our students to make a difference. They are the driving force behind our fundraising efforts. They organize special projects and donate their proceeds.  Some students run bake sales, while others seek sponsorship for swimming laps or running certain distances.   In 2024, Their collective efforts raised over $15,000, earning All Hallows Academy the title of the highest independent organization donor. The final fundraising event is where the teachers get involved. They host a “Pay to Pie” day where the highest student contributors get to “pie” their favorite teacher.